Drugs and Alcohol - Delivering a Brief Intervention

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Thursday 27 February 2020 (09.15 - 16.30)

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The Hub, Hazelwell, 318 Vicarage Road Kings Heath Birmingham B14 7NH


Drugs and Alcohol - Delivering a Brief Intervention.

This new course builds on the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board's 'Introduction to Drugs & Alcohol'.

The course will enable participants to identify problematic substance misuse and deliver a brief intervention.

Target Group Level 3/Health 3

This course is targeted at multi agency safeguarding professionals working with children and their families.

Specifically designed for; Social Workers, Health Visitors, Social Care Workers and Professionals working with  or come into contact with people with problematic substance use.

The course will enable multi agency safguarding professionals to confidently liaise with other professionals on legality, consequences, brief interventions and referral processes.


This course aims to equip professional to quickly and effectively provide support in situations of problematic substance use by practically delivering brief interventions or making successful referrals.  It will enable professionals to demonstrate the appropriate level of drug and alcohol knowledge in multi-agency situations.

 Learning Objectives

  • Using the practitioner’s experiences to develop knowledge in the areas of drugs and alcohol based on real examples.
  • Understand the relevant law relating to drugs and alcohol.
  • Understand the impact of drugs and alcohol on individuals, families and communities.
  • Learn to identify key risks and protective factors.
  • Understand the public health impact of the problematic use of alcohol.
  • Learn how to identify key risks and protective factors.
  • Learn how to identify problematic alcohol use.
  • Brief interventions: what they are, how to deliver them, when it is/isnt appropriate to deliver them, and why they are important.
  • Have the opportunity to practice the conversations involved in brief interventions.
  • Develop an understanding of appropriate referral pathways and practically how to make a referral.


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The Hub, Hazelwell, 318 Vicarage Road Kings Heath Birmingham B14 7NH