Identifying and Responding to Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control (Module 1)

Date & Time:

Wednesday 4 March 2020 (09.15 - 16.30)

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The Hub, Hazelwell, 318 Vicarage Road Kings Heath Birmingham B14 7NH


This is a refreshed version of the “Domestic Abuse and the Impact on Children” course and it is not expected that previous attendees will attend.

Target Audience:

This course is aimed at a wide range of health and social care professionals who may come into contact with adult victims and child victims of domestic abuse.


Overall Aim: 

Ensure professionals have a robust understanding of coercion and control to enable a proactive approach in identifying domestic abuse as early as possible.  Support proactive early intervention as an approach across all agencies so that adult and child victims are supported at the earliest opportunity and so limiting harm and impact.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase knowledge of current research regarding the breadth of domestic abuse and who it affects.
  • Increased awareness of the complexity of domestic abuse, including knowledge of coercive control and the links to domestic homicide and harm experienced by adults and children.
  • Explore the wider impact of coercion and control on children and the effects this can have on their day to day lives and them reaching their full potential.
  • Increase skills to be professionally curious and confident to ask adults about domestic abuse in a meaningful way.
  • Increased understanding of the lived experience of adult including the barriers they face in disclosing abuse to a professional and why many do not choose to leave an abusive relationship.
  • Increase knowledge of the implications for practice of the complex factors that can shape an adult victim’s decision making and how this may limit their “space for action” particularly in regard to parenting capacity.
  • Highlight how perpetrators can manipulate partners, children and professionals through coercive control.
  • Consider practical approaches that may help within the context of “Right Help Right Time ethos”.


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Sarah Wigley

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The Hub, Hazelwell, 318 Vicarage Road Kings Heath Birmingham B14 7NH