Understanding the Strengthening Families Framework and Working in Core Groups

Date & Time:

Tuesday 10 March 2020 (09.15 - 16.30)

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St Luke’s Church Centre, Great Colmore Street Lee Bank Birmingham B15 2AT


Target Group: Level 3/Health 3

This course should be attended by multi-agency professionals who are required to attend child protection conferences. This will include: Social Workers, General Practitioners, Child and Adolescence Mental Health Workers, Midwifes and other Health Professionals, Police, Probation, Family Support Workers, Education Welfare Officers or other Education Professionals (DSL), Early Years Consultants, School Nurses, Residential Workers, Substance Misuse Workers and all those who are working, or in contact with children, young people and families.             


To provide an understanding of the Strengthening Families Framework model used within the Child Protection Conference, ensuring effective participation in Child Protection Conferences and contributing to the development of robust child protection/child in need plans.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the benefits of the Strengthening Families Framework (SFF) model of child protection conferences
  • Describe the concept of Significant Harm in relation to the Right Help, Right Time model and the use of Danger and Safety statements to gauge how safe children are
  • Describe Birmingham's Child Protection Process and the use of Strengthening Families Framework Child Protection Conference model
  • Explain how SF Assessment Framework works, the use of scaling and the development of SMART plans for children
  • Identify individual and agency actions to ensure that participants are well prepared to attend SFF conferences
  • Plan how to embed learning into practice


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0121 464 2612

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St Luke’s Church Centre, Great Colmore Street Lee Bank Birmingham B15 2AT